The Dixie Power Kit will improve low end performance on your Yamaha G2-G22 golf cart without affecting top end speed. Dramatically increases hill climbing power. Simple 15 minute installation. Kit can be combined with our clutch machining for even more of an increase. Still not convinced? Read what one of our forum members had to say after machining and installing our spring kit. Click Here Want to make an even larger increase? Combine this power kit with our Severe duty drive belt. Does not fit G29 "The Drive"


  • Increases torque significantly
  • Fits all Yamaha G2 -G22 gas golf carts 
  • Lowers your starting gear ratio 
  • Gives smoother takeoff
  • Kit includes power spring, shaft spacer
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Combine with our machined sheave for even more power

The Dixie Power Kit gives awesome hill climbing power without affecting top end speed. It fits all Yamaha G2-G22 gas golf carts. By allowing  the motor to develope more horsepower before it starts to upshift you increasing torq by as much as 50%,  The power kit can also be combined with the machined sheave to provide even more gains . Regain that power lost from oversize tires.

Or purchase the complete power package item #DPPY002 which includes a Machined sheave, Rear clutch puller, And a new drive belt. And that can be the difference between getting there and getting laughed at.

*Rear sheave may require #CP003 puller for removal

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Yamaha Power Kit

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